I was blessed with one opportunity to be a mother. This book is about how I have grown from the struggles of parenting my neurologically impaired son.

    It started as a book that I wished someone had given me at the beginning of my journey. I needed a message of hope and inspiration. It seemed like life was going to be a real struggle, and it has been. But if I had known that tucked along the path would be a life lesson in wholeness that would make my life more meaningful than would have been possible without the struggle, I would have been more encouraged. I would have been looking. As it was, I took off down the path with fear and worry as my companions and I learned as I went.

    This book is about what I learned. I do not have any secret cure for life's struggles, just a story with some lessons meant to help make life more hopeful for others.

    I discovered that it's not what life throws at you, it's how you catch it that makes the difference. We all struggle at some point along the way. This book is about keeping your chin up so you can catch what's thrown your way and use it to help you grow. The title Blossom! and the radiant, filled-with-life flower on the cover represent nature's transformation - the promise of growth and hope. This book is about my transformation and that of my son. It is about human potential and the absolute connection between the mind, body, soul and spirit. It is meant to comfort. I hope it will inspire.

    I have you walk with me along my path, so you can see where I was and and how I grew. It was a process.  It began with understanding. I learned that once you truly understand your struggle, everything else falls into place. Understanding paved the way to action where I found that there really was not going to be a "quick fix." I introduce you to seven ingredients that helped me improve my personal well being and my ability to rise above the stresses of my struggle. I learned how to go with the flow, to live now, to be patient, and to balance my life - pretty potent lessons for anybody! From there I uncovered the freedom of acceptance. No more trying to fight my son's disability, control it, or make it go away. Once I learned to accept it, an unexpected, transforming growth slowly unfolded like the petals of a newly opening blossom! I realized that along the way, I had been given the gifts of wisdom, grace, tolerance, compassion, and thankfulness - gifts that reveal a depth and wholeness only to those who struggle.

    There is so much life to be lived between the struggle and the "it's all better." Please don't wait for the "it's all better" because it may never be. But that's okay - you can live now, healthfully and wholly. What starts out to be the most difficult time of your life can become the most fulfilling lesson of your life. Come walk with me down my path...keep your eyes open.

    Let's start at the beginning.


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