Always and Forever, Hope!

When you struggle, you need a message of hope. Blossom! brings you a deep breath of hope and inspiration through the story of a mother's struggle to parent her neurologically impaired son.

Whether you are the parent, relative, teacher, or friend of a child who has difficulties or you face obstacles of your own, you will find the growth process and the stress-busting, life-balancing, go-with-the-flow lessons found in Blossom! to be a comfort and a motivation.

Nancy's powerful story will knock you to the basics and remind you to be thankful for the things we tend to take for granted. She helps you look at what is most important in life. She makes you think about doing the right thing. She explores the connection between the mind, body, soul, and spirit. She shares seven ingredients to help you take care of you, and rise above the stresses of your struggle. She teaches you about acceptance.

In the end, she helps you see the blossom - the true growth as it is revealed in five whole-life gifts of wisdom, grace, tolerance, compassion and thankfulness.

"I went from having my soul so close to breaking to having my soul sing. I want to help others make that kind fo transformation! Life can be so full. Life is meant for living - joyfully living - now, not at some point in the future when you hope your dreams come together or when you think your struggle will be over."

Nancy Proud Freebery


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